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The Pacific Coaster is a well equipped vessel, capable of travelling long distances in various conditions. Whether it is the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Broughtons, or the Gulf Islands, we will ensure your trip is as comfortable as can be. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the best areas to travel. Depending on what you want to see and time of year, we can help choose your ideal vacation. See sample travel itineraries below.

Gulf Island voyages

The Gulf Islands and Southern Coast of British Columbia is a diverse region, full of contrasts. Twenty minutes out of Vancouver, the ocean and mountain views of the coast overwhelm the skyline of the city, and the hustle and bustle of Canada’s most metropolitan port fades away. Escape to the Gulf Islands, where artisans and organic farmers live and work off the earth, and sell their crafts in local markets. Wineries and breweries, farmers markets and fish mongers can be found in the larger villages that speckle the shorelines of the more populated islands, like Saltspring, Galliano, and Gabriola islands.

Travel the Gulf Islands on the Pacific Coaster Travel the Gulf Islands in style on the Pacific Coaster

The majority of the gulf islands are sleepy little treasures, protected by wind and water from the encroaching outside world. We access those islands which have no ferry service, exploring serene beaches and enjoying the quiet warmth of the spring, summer and fall months in the South of Canada. Rocky cliffs and sandy beaches give way to Arbutus trees and beautiful fir and pine forests. Hiking and kayaking are a great way to spend time in amongst the isolated islands of the gulf.  We arrive in the remote ports fully stocked with fresh food garnished from the markets, ready to prepare organic and healthy meals inspired by the flavours of the coast.

Gulf Islands located between Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia
Gulf Islands located between Victoria and
Vancouver, British Columbia

In our itinerary, we can venture South to Victoria, British Columbia’s historic capital city. Heavily influenced by the British, stroll the cobblestone downtown streets, experience first class shopping, take in a concert, visit the spa at the Empress hotel. Spend a day looking through the Royal British Columbia Museum. First class wildlife viewing and 5 star dining can be combined in a single day in this unique and world class island city.  Return for an evening on the Coaster, tied up in Victoria's beautiflul inner harbour.  Relax on deck with a glass of award winning of local wine, and drink in the lights, sites, and sounds of the city at night. 
If you're more inclined to get away from the hustle and city lights, we can jump from the Islands of the Gulf over to the Sunshine Coast. We can visit picturesque Sechelt, and depart for the inspiring Princess Louisa Inlet. Steep cliffs and deep forests cover the shorelines, it's a true wilderness paradise and one of the Coaster's favourite spots.  Savour that same wine while taking in a quiet vista of a glacier, or climb ashore to a secluded beach with a thick fleece blanket and thermous of tea to watch the sun disappear for the day.
Join us for a Gulf Island ramble that you won’t soon forget. Spend from 3 days to 10 days in South Western British Columbia. Provide us with your timeline, and we’ll customize an itinerary unlike any other!

The Wild Coast: A West Coast Expedition

some sites you may see with Pacific Coastal Adventures
One of the sites you may see with Pacific Coastal Adventures

Our trips start at five days in duration on the West Coast, and feature the most remote areas on Vancouver Island. The coastal geography and ocean vistas will leave you in awe, wanting more, and dreaming of wide open spaces. White sand beaches, ocean stacks, sea caves, and old growth forests dot the shoreline. Animals prowl the unpopulated stretches of beach, and marine mammals flourish in the rich ocean water. From Black Bears to Humpbacks, Grey Whales, Orcas, the giants are all seen here. Sea Otters bob in kelp beds, wrapped up tightly for a snooze or snacking happily on urchins. Spend the time to look closer, and witness an array of small birds and mammals indigenous to the area. Steeped in natural history, learn about the culture of the original native inhabitants, the coming of the Spaniards and English by sea, the fur trade, and the trials and tribulations of one of British Columbia’s most historic and remote areas.

Witness the unspoiled beauty of the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Witness the unspoiled beauty of the West Coast
of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

From Brooks Peninsula to the Northwest, to Nootka Island to the South, make an itinerary that uses your time the way you’d like. Fly into our remote destination to visit the most historic Native Villages on the Coast. Hike the remote trails yearned about by adventurists from around the world. Scuba dive, kayak, fish, or beach-comb entire days away. Go in search of Killer Whales, Grey Whales and Humpbacks. Tuck in with a Raft of Otters and observe their antics. There is no end to the ways you can spend time here. The scenery provides a backdrop that will leave in love with this place. You'll find the west coast will creep into your soul, and the memories of this trip are guaranteed to stay with you forever.

Design your own adventure based on our expertise, from a five day cruise to weeks on end; from a small voyage to a classic expedition, the Pacific Coaster is equipped for adventure and comfort unparalleled on the coast.

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